Our food

It’s so important for children to develop a love of healthy eating at a young age. Their relationship with food – whether it be good or bad – is something they carry with them throughout their entire lives.

Our menu teaches children that dinner doesn’t always have to be followed by dessert and that trying new food is exciting, not scary.

We educate our children on where their food comes from and help them to understand how it affects their bodies. As a result we can play a role in helping them to make healthy choices now and in the future.

Feeding them with the same old plain food every day would be a lot easier for us, but it wouldn’t benefit them!

As a result you’ll see we introduce new dishes, ingredients, tastes and textures to our children but above all we always serve a fantastic nutritionally balanced menu.

All our delicious food is freshly prepared on a daily basis using organic meat, fruit and vegetables.


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